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By using Social Media, everyone can interact with friends, family, clients, etc. from across the globe. Social media management is the best tool used all over the world.  Earnedly Technology is the best for social media management. If you are away from Social media, you are missing out on the chance to increase your customer base and business base.

How Earnedly technology works under Social Media Management: -

We manage our client’s Social Media and improve their network so that their businesses enhance to the next level. We effectively choose platforms for our customers which is best for their business help of this, we can maximize the effectiveness of Social Media ads on the targeted audience. Our team is highly experienced and knows the pros and cons of each and every social media platform. At Earnedly Technology, we’re a leading digital marketing agency in Chandigarh India with a team of social media experts. All possess the required knowledge to take your company to new heights.

Tools for Social Media Management that we use: -

We are using latest Social Media Management tools. Some of them are as follow-

1.Hootsuite: – use of this tool is for all-in-one social media scheduling,                   monitoring, and analytic.

2.Zoho: -Social Media team base can be managed using this.

3.MeetEdgar: -Social Media Posts can be automated by using this tool.

4.Loomly: – for Generating post ideas.

We guarantee you the enhancement of your business to the next level, by using more tools by our team.

How we implement our techniques: -

To begin with social media, earnedly technology provides the team. All the requirements and work will be taken care of as:

Three important things are done using it, which are: –

  1. Conduct a social media audit- it will give you a grainy picture of the effectiveness of your strategy. Basically, it is just like a social media health check.
  2. Decide the right social media platform- it is very important to know that where your audience is. For example, if it found that your targeted audience is on Twitter and your presence on Twitter is weak then you should improve it.
  3. The target audience- How to build a detailed picture of a social media audience? An interested audience will be known and you will easily use your resources in the right direction.

Earnedly Technology’s Social Media analytics: -

We target an audience from social media platforms which include.

Facebook audience visions: – Demographics, Location, Page likes

Instagram audience: -Checking follower’s time, day of active users, and top location

Twitter analytic: -lifestyle, customer footprint, mobile footprint

LinkedIn analytic: – Industry, job function, company size, demographic.

Earnedly Technology’s Content management tools: Social Media Management. helps the team to use the tool for improving the content. We use Social media monitoring, social media analytics, audience analysis, content analysis, keywords analysis, and many more under this management.

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