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Social Media Advertising needs Creativity and strategy both. If one of these missing, then there is no any benefit of using this technique for your business. Earnedly Technology uses creativity and strategy both in its work & that’s why our existing clients are happy from our work. Their business expands 3 tire by using Social Media Advertising.
More than 70% salesperson uses social media for their businesses. Its benefit is their increased sale. However, small businesses are not fully aware of this technique and thus, they cannot enhance their sale.

Earnedly Technology uses Social Media Advertising and benefits are as follow: -

1. Growing brand awareness: – Social media is a powerful too that will spread your word about your product and your mission. It will create brand recognition among your customers. It will bring your product / brand in front of people more easily and quickly & thus, it is different from traditional method of advertising.
2. Increasing traffic on your website: -By using Social media traffic on your website increased 10 times, as people who are not aware from your business now they seen it by viewing or clicking your ads. Traffic can be direct referred if you are using a strong social media advertising tool. Earnedly technology team work on it and as a result you will have a good number of visitors on your website.
3. Promotion of products and services: – You can promote your business products among society and this will also lead an enhancement in your business.
4. Managing Social media on a platform: – If you are using a strong media platform you will also able to manage all of your data on one stage.
5. Generate conversation: – If you will use a string social media then it will generate a conversation around your product / brand.
6. Tell brand story: – By using social media you may connect to your target customers by telling them your brand story and your mission. If you will use effective stories, then it will have a great impact on your brand’s image.
7. For an improvement gather data from audience research: -We can use social media advertising tool to gather data from target audience and this will help in improvement of brand.
8. Free of Cost: -The main benefits of social media are that except high end tools it is free of cost. It’s totally free to create social media profiles and post your organic content. Further, paying for your business promotion will help in increasing exposure. For example, you can promote your business on Facebook for any budget it will automatically direct ads to the person who are interested in what you are advertising.

Figure shows that how Earnedly Technology works under Social Media Advertising and increase your brand value. We first target interested audience then popup ads on their home page then they saw ads and then they will add selected product of your brand in the cart and pay amount for the same.

If you are having any query about Social Media Advertisement, please feel free to contact our Earnedly Technology team at any time. Our team is ready to help you.

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